aGBe Javabank

aGBe Javabank is a Java application that generates the agbebank.bin used by aGBe (a Game Boy emulator for the PlayStation console). I made a Java version of this util so everyone on using a platform that Sun has made their Java interpreter available on would be able to create an aGBe disc.


Sun's Java 1.4.2 or later (developed with 1.4.2_04)


aGBe Javabank 1.2


Open a console and navigate to the folder where you saved aGBe Javabank, start it with the following command:
java -jar aGBeJavabank.jar


aGBe Javabank main window
The main window
aGBe Javabank help dialog
Viewing the help dialog
aGBe Javabank reverse agbebank.bin
Extracting ROMs from an existing agbebank.bin


Official aGBe homepage


[+ new   * fixed   - removed]
v1.2 [2004-05-20]
 + Added time duration for extracting ROMs/generating agbebank.bin
 + Made it so you can't close the extract window while extracting
 + Made it so you can't do anything while generating agbebank.bin
 + Made the extraction process run in a thread
 + Made the extract window look better

 * Changed the tag removal function a bit, works better now, thanks for the tip Sparrow

v1.1 [2004-05-19]
 + Implemented save/load menu names
 + Made the progress bar use a thread of it's own so it would render during agbebank.bin creation
 + Added [C] to the default ROM filters since aGBe doesn't support Game Boy Color
 + Added Reverse function, now you can extract the ROMs from an old agbebank.bin

 * Noticed that some items wasn't using the correct font, this has been corrected
 * If padding at end of ROM was needed the offset would be off, it's now fixed

v1.0 [2004-05-15]
 + Initial release