EC was the 'program' I read at 'gymnasiet' (I suppose that would be equal to college or something). They already had their own webpage, though it was an old static HTML coded site which meant a lot of hassle when it needed to be updated.

My job was to make the site dynamic, and at the same time give it a facelift. This project was one of my earliest ones where I still was new to PHP and as such the code is as much of a mess as expected. It was all working like it should though, but I'm sure one could have done it much better, specially the database design.

Site sections

From the main view you could view the lastest news item and access all the other pages, as well as the administration panel. It also had some quick links on the bottom so you could mail the webdesigner and webmaster, plus the phonenumber incase you wanted to talk to one of the teachers.

EC start page
Start page of the EC website