This actually started as an overhaul of an old static HTML website for the kennel at one of the courses I read on the university. One of the persons in my group (group of four) knew the owner and was maintaining the old website and was tired of it. The course was mostly about writing documents so little code for the new site was developed.

During the summer me and her (well mostly me) started the work to really get a dynamic page that the kennel owner could maintain himself. She decided how the design should be (as well as designed the logo) and told me and I took care off it, hence I wrote all code. Some of the sections went through a lot of revisions before the final one was decided on so no line of code that we originally wrote during the course was left.

Another thing we did while making the website dynamic was to make it bilingual, the old site was only available in English while the new site is available in both English and Swedish. The site is actually still in use so if you want to browse it yourself point your browser to

Site sections

The start page shows the last five news posts as well as a picture (changable in the administration page). The menu bar gives you access to the first menu level as well as the possibility to change language.

Geltman's start page
Geltman's start page
A list of the Welsh Springer Spaniel bitches tha the kennel owner has owned (some breed by himself). Clicking one of the dogs will take you to it's information page where you can find out some basic information about the dog, if it's been used at the kennel for further breeding as well as it's pedigree.
Geltman's Welsh bitches
Geltman's Welsh Springer Spaniel bitches
For each of the dog races breed at the kennel there is an exports page showing information about what dogs have been exported and to what country.
Geltman's Welsh Exports
Geltman's Welsh Springer Spaniel Exports