aGBe is/was a Gameboy emulator for the Sony Playstation console written by gxd. I can't remember exactly how, but one way or the other I was choosen to be the webdesigner, most likely I simply volunteered on the forums.

When I did the aGBe website I had my mind set on simplicity, and thus the design became very basic. The menu on the left contains, except for the links, small buttons for changing the theme. Taking advantage of cookies for storing which theme you selected it would automatically apply the theme on your next visit. The themes weren't really something I put a lot of effort in, I just took a color and added a brighter shade of it and decided it was done. This isn't really the best thing you can do as the 'pink' theme shows, it's really bright and not pleasant for the eyes.

The site was coded to validate for W3C XHTML 1.1 and CSS standards, though the initial version wasn't.

Site sections

On the main page one could read the latest news posted by the various project members. Since the menu was only one level and therefor you could always access any part of the website no matter what page you were viewing.

aGBe start page
The start page
The download section was divided into three groups; aGBe downloads, Rombank utilities, and Misc. utilities. As you can see, each item was listed with the specified name, filesize, number of downloads and a short description.
aGBe downloads page
aGBe downloads section
For the screenshots section a simple script was written so that gxd would just have to create a folder with the date when the screenshots was taken and then upload the files into that folder. The script went thru all the screenshots folders and created the necessary code.
aGBe screenshots page
aGBe screenshots section